Site and Issue Papers

Now that we have officially completed our pre-course one credit class at Elon and all of our students are on winter break, we begin a new assignment to be completed by the time we arrive at Atlanta airport on January 2nd.  Maryville students and Elon students will be working on one “site” paper and one “issue” paper to aid our learning in India.  Each student is assigned a site (somewhere we will be traveling/visiting) and an issue (a topic that extends our pre-course material and is specific to issues we will be encountering) to research and produce a synthesized paper about each site and issue.  When we arrive in Atlanta, each student will bring enough copies of their papers for everyone as well as their own individual binder.  In assembly line fashion, we will exchange papers and create a course book for our time in India.  Students are responsible for presenting and teaching our group about their specific site and issue throughout the course, and should have the knowledge to answer general questions from other students.  Whether it be infront of the specific site, or at our beach side classroom in Mamallapuram, students wil have the opportunity to share what they have learned over the break with the rest of the group.


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