This is Dr. Allocco. Our travels were smooth through Frankfurt, and we arrived on time in Chennai late last night. We were greeted at the airport by my old and dear friend, Sunil, and checked into our hotel, the New Woodlands. Students rose early this morning to enjoy their first traditional South Indian breakfast, and then we headed out on a walking tour of the Mylapore neighborhood. In our three-hour walking tour, we visited a vibrant Hindu temple, an exquisite, white marble Jain temple, and the San Thome Cathedral. Students have a few hours to have lunch, rest, or shop this afternoon, and then we will convene to discuss the days events. This evening we are going to a traditional Bharatnatyam dance recital and will end the day with dinner and conversation. Students seem excited, happy, and exhilarated by their first encounters with South India. We were impressed with their energy, enthusiasm, and keen observations. Look for a post from the students soon and hear what it sounds like from their point of view.


6 thoughts on “Arrived!

  1. Chrissy Irvine

    Glad to hear you’ve arrived and are settling in. Will enjoy your trip vicariously through your blog!

  2. Heather McMahon

    Hi, Drs. Allocco and Pennington! I’m glad you have safely arrived; it sounds like you and your students are already having a great time. I am preparing to teach my Bollywood class again this Spring, so I will be reading this blog in the hopes that someone will leave juicy tidbits relevant to the study of Indian popular cinema. If any of you bump into SRK or some other big film star, please take pictures!

  3. Niki

    Hi Dr. Allocco. Love this blog. Can live vicariously. Post pics please. Safe travels.
    – Lydia & Heidi’s Mom

  4. Paul Vagianos


    This is but one more step in the adventure you have taken Ali on these past few years. At the end of the day every parent wants two things for their children: happiness and that they live up to their potential. You are one of several people in Ali’s life, and the key person during her college career, who has been instrumental in the latter of these two goals. Jeannie and I believe that achieving this goal is critical to realizing the first.

    Enjoy your adventure.




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