Nandri and Vanakam

I am sad to announce this is our last day in India.  We depart the New Woodlands hotel at 9:30 to begin our two day journey to the US.  This post is intended to communicate to our friends, families, and loved ones, that although our three weeks have finished, our memories and experiences from India never will.  Our last class period this morning was one of bittersweet commentary, tears, and hopeful dreams of one day returning; both to India and with eachother.  I would like to a extend a large thank you to those who made this possible for all of our students; and to Brian, Amy, and Sunil for making this an experience of a lifetime enriched with knowledge, adventure, and community.  There are still follow up posts to be included and thousands of pictures to be shared but with a full heart I say for all of us

Nandri and Vanakam

Thank you and good bye, India, see you soon.






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